Importance Of Stress Management Essay

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Stress Management
Your day-to-day life is very hectic as the world is highly demanding, so without realizing you fall prey to stress. Stress is your body’s response to the demanding position it feels that releases chemicals into your blood stream. It will give them the strength and energy to deal with the demand, but in emotional situations, it causes adverse effects. Stress management is important in life because stress has many adverse effects on your body like;
• The stress can cause tension headaches that will give you discomfort as the pain makes you miserable.
• When your stress levels are high, you are at risk of developing depression and anxiety that are mental issues, which wears you down.
• Stress can increase the stomach acids that can cause heart burn, indigestion, and worsen irritable bowel syndrome.
• It is important to know how to relieve stress because the long term side effects are the infertility problems in men and women.
• Stress is the main cause of lifestyle diseases like diabetes, high blood pressure, and obesity that can lead to heart attacks.
• Stress can ruin your peaceful life as it can trigger pain in the body in several organs like limbs, joints, stomach, and back.
Stress is the cause of every ill-effects in your body that will disrupt your regular life. Therefore, it is important to know the
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