Structural Engineering Personal Statement

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Research Background:
I feel proud to say that I was among the best students in the School of Civil Engineering, Mehran University of Engineering and Technology, Jamshoro, Pakistan. During my undergraduate level, I have gained knowledge and experience in the class as well as in the laboratory. I remained a very competent and a dedicated Student, so my grades been an example.

During workshops, we had tools to analyze the loads on the beams and other structural members increased my interest in structural engineering. During the fifth semester where we were studying a subject, Steel of Structures under country’s well-known professor Dr. G.B Khaskheli. He was a very hardworking person who took us on construction field trips and visits. He always
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Future Goals:
After visiting northern areas of my country where every year many human lives are lost due to earthquake, I decided that this is the field where I can do something for humanity as well for my country and can reduce the loss of human lives suffering due to natural disasters, using the materials those can be availed easily in that area.
Different fibres are present in my country, either some of them are free of cost or have a very low cost, however, their mechanical properties are valuable.
As fiber addition improves ductility of concrete, reduces crack width and its post-cracking load-carrying capacity and the most important factor is resistance to seismic waves.
The addition of two fibres with different properties can improve the properties of fresh concrete. When concrete is reinforced with random discrete fibres which stop micro cracks from widening and can be used for earthquake resistant structures.

Fibre accompanied by steel reinforcement has also great resistance to high-grade seismic waves and usage of such concrete will also be increased in near

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