Importance Of Structural Engineering

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Research Background:
I feel proud to say that I was among the best students in the School of Civil Engineering, Mehran University of Engineering and Technology, Jamshoro, Pakistan. During my undergraduate level, I have gained knowledge and experience in the class as well as in the laboratory. I remained a very competent and a dedicated Student, so my grades been an example.

During workshops, we had tools to analyze the loads on the beams and other structural members increased my interest in structural engineering. During the fifth semester where we were studying a subject, Steel of Structures under country’s well-known professor Dr. G.B Khaskheli. He was a very hardworking person who took us on construction field trips and visits. He always tries to deliver as much experimental work as was possible and demonstrated practical work, I had almost determined that structural engineering is the field where I can be creatively involved.

In my bachelors, my research project was on “High Strength Concrete (Fibre Reinforced Concrete)” in which GOAT HAIR (Commercially called KANTHARO SUTER) was used as fibre reinforcement. I selected this fibre as reinforcement because of three reasons. First, there was not done research work on this fibre in my country. Second, this is very common fibre in the country and is no more in other usages so it was cost effective for that area if applied practically in the field. The third is very basic and important factor that is its resistance to
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