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I am in an organizations called Students in Fashion and in the future I hope to be an officer. It is my first semester being in the club and I have already met great people through it. The organization also gives us opportunities to help in fashion shows, which will give me experience in the field. It will show me what it is like to set up and prepare for fashion shows and what it is like to do the break down, when we have to put everything away. I will also be able to see what it is like during the fashion show, how hectic it is to be a part of one. The organization brings in a lot of people in the industry to speak to the club members. I have learned a lot about their story and what the fashion industry is like from going to the meetings.…show more content…
Since I live out of state, I can get opportunities in both areas, which might make it easier for me to find an internship and give me different opportunities than people who only live in one area. It will teach me about the different demographics and show me that the location of the retailer depends on what type of products they have.
I also plan to start doing photography as a hobby. I have always wanted to start but I never had a nice camera to practice with. I have friends that are already into photography and take pictures for other people so I can ask them for advice so that I can learn how to take good quality pictures quickly. I believe that photography will help me in the future because if there are fashion designers who need someone to do a photoshoot for them, I will be able to and I will also be able to make connections with them.
The fashion industry is always changing and maybe in the future I will too. I hope to become a better person that will have a lot more items on my resume. I hope to find a job or internship that will lead me down the path that I imagine myself on right now. The point of coming to school here at CSULB is to prepare me for the

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