Why Is It Important To Study In Canada Essay

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Study in Canada
Canada has been ranked among 10 countries for its excellent education institutions in the world. It welcomes international students all across the world to provide students a better learning environment where they get ample opportunities to learn, grow and excel. Canada is known to be an enclave of diverse people with varied lifestyles, majestic landscapes and is considered to be one of the safest destinations to pursue education. In Canada, great importance is given to learning and maintaining highest standards of education. Being a bilingual country, the two major languages spoken in Canada are English and French. In totality, there are more than 200 languages spoken across the country. Those who come to Canada regularly
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Instead, they receive funding from alumni donations, tuition fees or faculty research grants, etc.

There are two types of institutions:-
• Private institutions (not for profit):- The private institutions are managed or controlled by members who are not selected by a public authority. As the name suggests, such organizations or institutions are not established for the purpose of distributing profits to individuals, directors, employees or shareholders.
• Private institution (For profit):- Privately held profit institutions or organizations are managed by those members who are not selected by public authority. Such organizations are established with the purpose of distributing profit to the directors, employees, owners as well as shareholders.
• Community colleges:- Community colleges are type of educational institutions. These educational colleges provide higher education, tertiary education, diplomas, certificates and grants. Since each province has its own educational system, therefore, it has been prescribed by the Canadian federalism model of
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