Importance Of Studying In Summer School

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I want to express my eagerness to participate in Turkish summer program. My experience of learning multiple languages, combined with my courses and internships, has convinced me to apply for this summer program. I have always had a deep interest in learning the foreign culture. I recently completed a two-year diploma in Chinese language from Beijing Language and Culture University, Beijing China. It is quite evident that summer program gives us so many experiences, especially when we immersed in the culture itself. Not to mention that Turkey is known to have a lot of cultural festivals, archaeological attractions, and historical places. There is no doubt that this summer school is very valuable to me and my future efforts. It would be an amazing opportunity to learn Turkish language and the Turkish culture at YEE Turkish Summer School. The first time I heard someone speak…show more content…
For me, the summer school is a great opportunity to combine Turkish language learning and opportunities to become foreign tourists, learn their culture and gain a valuable life experience. I want to participate in an international school for various reasons. This is a unique opportunity for me to live in my dream country and immerse myself in a different culture and language. Studying abroad in Turkey for a summer can be a wonderful way to experience some country’s most stunning sights. I am particularly interested in traveling to Turkey because of the richness of its culture and for its reputation for welcoming international visitors. To visit the different city will also be a great opportunity to observe the clash between the highly traditional and modern sides of Turkish society. Attending this summer school will help me learn beautiful language. I have always been a highly motivated person, as is apparent to my academic

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