My Pursuit Of Success

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Success is surely rewarding but failure teaches an invaluable lesson. I value my failures as much as I treasure my accomplishments.It is because of all the setbacks and disappointments i have experienced in life that have made me stronger, resilient and more confident, experiences that I would never trade in for anything. I have a very realistic outlook on life which helps me make practical decisions. My philosophy is that every experience one goes through in life happens for a reason, to teach us something that we wouldn 't have learned otherwise and that every cloud has a silver lining. I come from a family where it is not uncommon for girls to be married off before they turn 18. With the support of my parents I have been able to break that…show more content…
Because of the lack of college environment and minimal study support available to distance students I had to put in extra time and effort to prepare for my exams with whatever help I could find online in the form of video lectures and virtual study groups. Studying a broad range of courses within the field of economics such as Industrial Economics, Macro and Micro Economics, Developmental Economics, Mathematical Economics, Abstract Mathematics and Statistics gave me a basic general understanding of economic concepts that are applicable to many organisations and industries across different sectors. My introduction to working in the educational sector was a mere coincidence. In my final year of undergraduate studies, I started working for a relatively newly established but very popular and well reputed A level school, Nixor College as an Academic Counsellor. One of the first projects that was assigned to me was to research and evaluate the effect of involvement in extracurricular activities on students’ academic performance. I was startled myself when I discovered that students who were actively involved in out of classroom projects did much better than the students who were focused only on academics
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