Importance Of Success In Life

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There was a time in the past when jobs and occupations were clearly slow and dreary and there was limited scope of rapid growth and achievement, while today every job and business is driven by ambition, achievement, competition, challenges and such other facets that have made the world materialistically very pleasurable and careers have undergone a sea change. Today’s generation thinks big, aspires for the impossible, dreams of creating new vistas. I am fortunate to be competing at the current time and to be able to benefit by technological advances, imagination, ambition and burning desire. All such qualities are so important to ensure that everybody can believe that they can make it big. I too belong to this generation, and hence I can stake my claim to make it big in my life. It also helped that I am born into a family in which education is taken extremely seriously and I have been focused in my education all along. My parents have always placed a premium on education, behavior and responsibility, and I am and will ever be grateful for all that my parents did. My performance is my education is testimony to the fact that it has laid a strong foundation for me to use it as a launching pad for a strong career. Proof of this is that I secured 85% aggregate marks in my SSC, which I did from Brilliant Grammar High School, Hyderabad; 92% aggregate marks in my Intermediate education which I completed from Sri Chaitanya Junior Kalasala in 2011; and secured a CGPA of 7.63 in my

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