Importance Of Success In My Life

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Hailing from the southern part of a diverse cultural nation like India where excelling education and intellectual development is given the utmost priority, I finished my 12 years of schooling schooling with an excellent academic result. But, little did I know, that I will be completing an incredible journey of attending 7 different schools in different cities owing to my father’s government service. This life of adaptation has taught me, sometimes in a hard way, innumerable things which, in a normal setting is very rare to come by. The one most important thing I have learnt from my early days is that the combination of hard and smart work can certainly put you in the top league. During my schooling years, I have had the necessity to change schools at the middle of the academic year and sometimes in around the last quarter of the academic year. Along with the complexities of relocating to a totally new city and acclamatizing myself, I also had the task of covering all the backlog in the new school for that year.…show more content…
Lessons from these failures were the most valuable things I have carried from my past. Dreaming inspite of failures, hanging on and delivering my best even if there is no immediate tangible reward, taking failures and success on the same note, learning not to be taken aback while facing unexpected situations and most prominently having and maintaining hope and working hard in the immediate vicinity of failures while believing that luck favours the brave and prepared are some of the learnings I have inculcated in my life. To make myself better than what I was yesterday, I try to learn 1 quality from each person I work or play with. Through this habit I am proud of improving myself in aspects like listening to everyone first in a meeting, never giving up in the face of failures, respecting and encouraging everyone to contribute value and I believe that I have become a better leader through these

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