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Sugar is not bad for our health
Today, I want to talk to you about sugar a food substance that has for a long time now been classified as a rogue product to our health. All this talk however has ignored the health benefits of sugar to our body which I am going to present to you today. It has been widely argued that sugar actually leads to an individual increasing weight/obesity and diabetes but at the same time, sugar is needed for crucial functions of the body for it to remain healthy in equal terms. Sugar is a disaccharide with two molecules namely glucose and fructose and thus the reason it is called sucrose. Glucose is the molecule that carries the health benefits of sugar as it produces energy facilitating the appropriate functioning of all our body processes. Glucose helps to regulate the body temperature, help the brain in thinking, aids in
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For every one gram of sugar, it contains four grams of calories to supplement the body’s energy which is why it is added into other foods that actually supply the required nutrients. Under duress like in sickness or after a strenuous exercise where the body requires to rejuvenate its energy, the glucose contained in the sugar is required to provide that immediate energy and strength. This shows that sugar is a source of instant energy disputing the popular myth that it makes people fat or rather causes obesity. The energy dense accompanying foods taken with sugar are the main contributors to fat storage in the body (Brown 78). Sugar is easily metabolized by sucrose in the small intestine and thus gets into the blood stream before these foods. Thus, if they are not used up by the body as fast as sugar, they are converted into fats and end up being stored into the body making people
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