Importance Of Summer Solstice

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Secret summer solstice
Summer solstice also called midsummer occurs when the Northern Hemisphere tilts on 23.44 degrees towards sun. On 21st June, 2018, it is the longest day of the year and the shortest night. Days get shorter and nights get longer day by day afterwards. The occasion is celebrated throughout northern hemisphere.
Secret solstice festival Reykjavik, Iceland is the most unique celebration around the globe. Crowd from all countries of the world gather at Reykjavik to celebrate the profound and magical midnight sun view. The music, dances, shows, and performances make the event full of joy and entertainment. It is a 96 hours straight sun light celebration in Reykjavik.

Sunrise at Stonehenge
Sun light directly hits the Northern Hemisphere, because of the axial tilt of earth and because of being on the farthest position from sun. This makes summer solstice and the longest day on earth to happen.
Stonehenge is a historical place which is attracting thousands of visitors from the globe each year. But the celebration of summer solstice at Stonehenge, England is one of its kinds. Thousands of people gather at Stonehenge to catch the sunlight when sun rises. Crowd stands looking towards east, when sun appears it is exactly above the Heel stone. The moment of sun rising is a moment of spirituality; it fills everyone inside that nature is unique and appreciable.
Solstice yoga in India
Sun revolves around sun in its orbit and completes one rotation in 365 days.

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