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Summer Vacation; The Needed Holiday Summer vacation is here – the sun is shining, the school-life has been abandoned, bucket-lists are being checked and plans to eat and travel are being made. Many argue that this time of year is not a significant part of student’s lives. However, the summer vacation is the only time of the year where time is not squeezed into student's daily schedules forcing them to be included in other things. Having this “time advantage” opens many opportunities for friends, family, relaxation and sleep hours; it is a mandatory part of the school year. Sunday through Wednesday, September through June (excluding holidays), 8am through 4pm, students are spending almost half of their day in classrooms, in bed after school…show more content…
In this scenario, imagine “continuous physical force” as tests, exams, etc., “object” as students, and finally “something in contact with it” as school. Voila, a work of art in symbolism.
Spending 6 hours/5 days a week with tests and assigned work at home creates this so-called “pressure” in students lives. Having a 1000-word essay due on, for example, September 8th at 12pm, that a student may not have started until 8pm the day before (due to… reasons) causes that said-person to overthink life and start deciding whether he/she should drop out anytime soon.
Again, this pressure could be relieved with the help of time management; however, many students (such as this said-person) don’t have this sacred trait,“ … Students are under great pressure to complete homework, prepare for tests … this situation is extremely tiring, and it is natural for students to demand some break. Periodic vacation gives an impulse to students’ school days and stops students from getting bored of school life” (Year 3AB Writing Class, the Advantages, and Disadvantages of Having a Summer Vacation). With the aid of sleep and time, students can achieve a relaxed state of mind during the summer
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