Importance Of Tagaytay: A Whole New Adventure

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Arianne S. NgSy #21
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Tagaytay: A Whole New Adventure

Looking for a place to visit for the upcoming holidays? Then, Tagaytay is the place to choose!. Tagaytay brings various new discoveries and adventures, all-year round. They also offer a variety of activities that can be done with groups of people, as these activities are all family oriented. As it is only an hour and a half drive from Metro Manila, going to Tagaytay is beneficial for all people, especially those who dislike long drives. Tagaytay is definitely a must visit as it not only offers different kinds of fun filled activities, but it allows adventurers to discover new insights and places, as well as offers a reasonable amount of travel
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One of the places most people look forward to in visiting Tagaytay is the Taal Lake. This does not only give the viewers an amazing scenery of various types of nature, it grants everyone the opportunity to see the famous Taal Volcano. A lot also look forward to visiting Tagaytay’s exquisite and unique restaurants. One of these being “Sonia’s Garden”, which allows its customers to enjoy simple European-esque dishes in a greenhouse, while being surrounded by the beauty of nature. Customers are not only limited to enjoying their meals, but are able to visit the butterfly homes, fish ponds, and gardens for everyone’s relaxing enjoyment. Another would be “Antonio’s”, which offers a different kind of vibe. Antonio’s serve mainly Filipino centered food, but give these Filipino dishes a western twist and is able to cater to the tastes of foreigners. Customers are given a huge variety of choices to choose from, starting with appetizers, down to desserts. With the upbeat atmosphere, and the friendly service given by the staff of these restaurants, there really is nothing more one could ask…show more content…
Tagaytay has a whole area called the “Picnic Grove”, which is dedicated to heart thumping, but enjoyable and fulfilling activities. Some of these activities include zip lining, bungee jumping, air cycling, and many more. Tagaytays resorts such as the “Chateau Royale Sports and Country Club”, and the “Pico Sands Hotel” house various kinds of water-themed parks and events, such as swimming pools, waterslides, imaginative surfboarding, and so on, and so forth. However, they also have indoor activities such as bowling, arcades, indoor sports, and many others, for those who do not enjoy being under the sun. They also have stables dedicated to those people who are interested in riding horses, or for those who want to get a glimpse on how it feels like to ride on horses. Tagaytay has animal zoos and farms such as the “Paradizoo”, and the “Residence Inn”, for those people interested in expanding their knowledge in regards to various types of

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