Importance Of Teacher Feedback

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The Importance of Teacher feedback in Students’ Writing Improvement
Writing is an important skill contributing to the student’s language learning. However, learning how to write is not easy because writing is considered the most difficult skill to acquire. According to Zacharia (2005), it requires having a certain amount of L2 background knowledge about rhetorical organization, appropriate language use or specific lexicon with which they want to communicate their ideas. Therefore, the teachers have to make an effort to help students enhance their writing skill and increase their motivation to accomplish the writing task. One of the most useful techniques to help student develop writing skill is giving feedback. There are two common types of feedback that teachers usually use when give feedback are: direct feedback and indirect feedback. There are many researchers have conducted to investigate the role of feedback in teaching and learning writing. Being interested in the vital role of feedback in contributing to effective language learning, I have read a number of reports and I found that teacher feedback play an important role in students’ writing improvement.
The term “feedback” is not new to us; in fact, a great number of researches have been undertaken and many articles about feedback have been written (e.g. Hussein, 2010; Sivaji, 2011; Ahmadi et al, 2012; Farid, 2012; Karim, 2013;; Hosseiny, 2014; Salimi & Valizadeh, 2014; Susanto, 2014; Kahraman, 2015; Jamalinesari

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