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2.2 Teacher resilience
A good number of studies has shown that facing various challenges for teachers in different years of their teaching is inevitable. This issue become important when teaches lack the ability of managing these difficulties which may result in burnout and attrition. To be on the positive side, equipping teachers with qualities that prevent them from frustration and make them to thrive than just survive was an ongoing concern for teacher educators and policy makers.
Resilience, as a specific strategy that individuals usually apply when they face a kind of adverse situation (Castro, et al., 2010), has been attracted a lot of attention among researchers. Resilience as a developmental attribute seems necessary for teachers to be more confident and successful in their teaching. More
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A research done by Day and Gu (2014) showed that resilience of teachers is associated with other positive factors such as professional commitment, engagement, enthusiasm and job fulfillment.
As one of the most comprehensive studies on teacher resilience, Mansfield et al. (2012) proposed four dimensions for resilience; professional related dimension, emotional dimension, social dimension and motivational dimension.
Professional dimension in teaching context includes teaching competence and skills, organization, preparation, classroom management, facilitating effective learning, being flexible and adaptable. Emotional related dimension mostly concerned with personal attributes and attitudes includes self-belief and confidence, not taking things personally, sense of humor, ability to bounce back, emotion regulation. Social dimension mostly shaped by factors such as asking others for assistance, interpersonal skills, ability to take advice from others, professional and personal support

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