Importance Of Teacher Training Programme

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Abstract: Teacher training programmes equip a teacher with the knowledge and skills required to enhance the quality of teaching. Great efforts have been initiated by the Assam government to train the primary in-service English teachers.
On the contrary, it has been observed that most of the teachers attend the training sessions as a ritual. Bringing different teachers with different interest and skills under the same roof may result in converting an active platform into passive. Thus, training teachers with the help of Information and Communication Technology will not only enable them to cope with the present pedagogical practices but also retain the learners, and create a learning-centered classroom.
The present paper aims to highlight the
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When they are thrust with the extra burden of travelling and attending the training programmes they attend the programmes as a ritual. They do so in order to avoid the future burden of being penalised for not turning up in the training programme.
• Although the primary teachers acknowledge the importance of teacher training and teacher education programmes in making them proficient teachers but they find the training programmes monotonous. It has been observed that in a few training programmes the teachers only copy paste the assignments given to them from the previous trainings leaving a little scope of their development.
• It has also been observed that a few teachers have not attended any in-service teacher training programmes. The teachers who have attended the training programmes found the training to be helpful. The training programmes helped the teachers to expand their knowledge, to correct their errors, and to become aware of the new teaching methods.
• The present teacher training programmes on ICT are based on learning about technology. Learning with technology has yet to be implemented appropriately. The training programmes include a) learning about technology and b) learning from technology. Learning from technology is limited to only PowerPoint presentations of the
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The attributes, knowledge, understanding, skills and experience of a teacher contribute towards the professional development. In order to cope with the changing society, use and knowledge about ICT in teaching has become the need of hour. Thus, inclusion of ICT as a tool in Teacher Training shall enhance the quality of in-service Teacher Training programmes in English.
• Need of a feasible training environment - There is a need of an in-service training programme which will help the teachers deal with the issues of the training programmes in order to enhance the quality of in-service teacher training. So, if the teacher training programme is made online then the teachers can go through the training programmes according to their suitability.
• Difference of interest and need – The teachers have different interest and needs. Thus, the training programme can be modular where the teachers will have the liberty to pick and choose the topic according to their need and interest. This ultimately shall ensure teacher motivation as
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