Importance Of Teacher Value Orientation

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Teacher’s value orientations effect what teachers want their students to know. There are five different Disciplinary Mastery (DM), Learning Process (LP), Social Responsibility and Justice (SRJ), Ecological Integration (EI) and Self-Actualisation. These value orientations will greatly influence the teachers aim for the lesson and the students learning outcomes. Each of these value orientations differ from one another. Teachers can discover what their value orientations are by completing a value orientation inventory (Ennis & Chen). Teachers should complete this inventory occasionally as they find their values have changed and this will have an impact on how they plan and teach a lesson. According to a study on the influence of teacher value orientations on curriculum planning within the parameters of a theoretical framework, carried out in the Department of Kinesiology, University of Maryland, College Park 20742, value orientations greatly affect teacher’s lesson content. The study surveyed twenty five teachers using the value orientations inventory during seven in-service sessions. The results of the study found that “weak disciplinary mastery and strong social reconstruction teachers included more opportunities for shared decision making than did other teachers”. By the end of the seven sessions most teachers changed their planning of their lesson to include more time for cognitive development.

A teacher who has a value orientation of a disciplinary mastery will have

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