Importance Of Teaching English As A Foreign Language

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Personal Statement

When I decided to major in a foreign language course at university with the hope that learning a new language would open my eyes and offer new doors to my life. Being aware of the importance of English as an international medium of communication, I chose it as my priority. Each day of my undergraduate years, was like a new window to the bigger world to which I did not have any access before. Although I had passed 6 credits about journalistic texts reading and translation, the moment I truly believed my attraction to news was the day of oral interpretation final exam. That day the professor amazed by the volume and content of my term project, signed its cover as Paragon of the News! My term project was a near-100-page compilation of the BBC radio news transcripts. Yes, I had discovered the world of journalism, but I could not find the way to get involved in it.

The desire to share the joy of adventuring in the new wonderland with others pushed me toward a teaching career. To this end, I got my MA in Teaching English as a Foreign Language (TEFL) and started teaching general English to university students. Teaching English, though rewarding and fulfilling, was not the answer to my strong desire to discover new worlds behind the high walls of information restriction in my country, as well as my insatiable thirst for the truth and diversity. Equipped with the most important tool of communication, I decided that the best way to feed my inner desire is to

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