Importance Of Teaching English As A Second Language

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Successfully teaching English as a Second language to Non-Native English speakers
English as a second language (ESL) has become one of the essential components of many non-native English countries school curriculums across the world. The importance of English comprehension in today 's youth has led to the language growing to become the worlds most studied language with 1.5 billion active learners (Noack). Teaching a skill as broad as English requires for a teacher to create a sense of importance of mastering the subject with students. Another challenge with learning any language is continued practice outside of the classroom, which is required to become fluent in English. During this critical learning an English as a second language teacher, must provide constant feedback for students and create a diverse curriculum which allows for students of all learning styles to find success in learning a new language. Teaching English to non-native English speakers involves a teacher establishing a foundation for the language, ensuring children have adequate out of class language development opportunities, and regularly checking a student’s progress in the program including literacy as the semester extends.
Developing a foundation for the importance of learning English can prove a challenge in many classrooms as young students will often fail to see the importance of knowing a second language. According to Mary Ashworth, the key to teaching English to younger children lies in knowing
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