Importance Of Teaching English As An International Language

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Souad EN-NDA

Midterm Argumentative Essay

English has become an international language that is used in different disciplines. Education is one of the fields in which English as an international language plays an important role. Because of its importance, English as an international language is taught around the world. English language teaching is often accompanied by education in British and American culture studies. Teaching English by focusing on its culture is motivated by many reasons such as: increasing students? knowledge of the host culture, maximizing their opportunities of getting better jobs in the future, and building many social skills that learners need when dealing the foreign culture. I believe that culture plays a crucial role in the learning process, and teachers should be encouraged to use it while teaching, for it has a positive effect on the learners. American or British culture plays an important role in ELT. It is an essential tool for developing students? knowledge of the language. Teaching American or British culture contributes to the development of competent learners who are capable of using language appropriately and correctly. Learners increase their knowledge of language through exposure to the American or British culture, and they become aware of how to interact effectively with native speakers without facing many problems that would hinder the communication process. The role of teachers should go beyond developing the
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