Importance Of Teaching English In Elementary School

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Should English as extracurricular in primary school?
English is one of the popular languages in the world because English is an international language which can be used for communicates with people around the world. Besides that, people learn English because they want to in scientific and technological information, international organization, global economic trade, and higher education (McKay, 2003). Therefore, Teaching English as a Foreign Language for Young Learners are important to show in the world that Indonesian children also have great knowledge as good as children in another country, in another word Indonesian children have good result of globalization. Moreover, elementary school student who can memorize easily need to know the world and they need foundation to master or know about some knowledge which use English as the language. The main issue why English should be taught in the elementary school seems to be related to the age of the learners, for example, Halliwell, 1993:3; Elliot and Frisbie, 1994:23-28) postulated that children commonly acquire another language more quickly and promote an error-free speech, particularly in their pronunciation; whereas, the adults normally keep an accent lengthy after they reach fluency. It is suggested that English still exist in elementary school. In contrast, language is a product of culture. Therefore, when children learn English, they will learn about the culture of English itself. Here, young learner needs some protection
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