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In present educational scenario, the curriculum prescribed for language skill development of students doesn’t seem fully implemented. The prime objective of every ESL class is to make students adept in foreign/ English language skills. The defined objectives in such a class are naturally the four basic language skills, i.e. LSRW. Idealistically, the four basic skills are the most essential parts of every language learning curriculum. However, in practical terms, the very objective of inculcating these skills remain ignored in the flow of teaching of other literary contents. In the ESL class, teachers concentrate more on the syllabi contents which as being the key components to be asked in the written exams which mostly cover up the written English practice. Teaching of English through such…show more content…
However, in the meantime, all these skills were almost forgotten from the ESL classes. Merely writing skill came up with growing needs of testing and evaluation of the subject knowledge. Even the English texts, despite the directives and objectives on the study of LSRW skills, appear only as the message tool not enabling the learner to concentrate upon the skills expected. Listening, reading, writing, and speaking skills sometimes seem to have lost their intentional purpose and the very significance of regular and consistent practice. In the flow of preoccupied conceptions of completing the English subject course/syllabus, even teachers too, in many cases, unknowingly and unwittingly skip the required objectives in an ESL class. There are a number of hurdles including the teacher’s individual perceptions about teaching of English. The dilemma occurs at individual level as to whether to teach the content of the text or to focus upon the linguistic aspects of it. However, teaching of text without concentrating and sparing of time more on skills continues for the examination purpose, i.e. written

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