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English, as we are aware of it, is an international language, it is a window of the World. It is an official language both in India and many world Countries. After Globalization ,it has become more important medium of Communication of the world . Keeping the importance of this subject in mind, it is being chosen by the majority of learners.
English language affords better job prospects throughout the world.
 English is a sine qua non in the wealth creating industries of information technology and information technology enabled services.
 It is the official communication in Olympic sports, air traffic and maritime control.
 All the worlds major scientific Journals are published in English.
 English is the lingua franca
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As the parents do not have enough faith in the English Medium Government schools, the parents of rural area are sending their children to private schools imparting English education, paying huge school fees. This trend has resulted in the falling of strength in the Government schools and a proportionate rise in the strength of Private schools. This has in turn resulted in substantially larger class rooms in the Private schools. Therefore English teaching in large classrooms has become a cause of concern, of late.
English learners are to be trained in four skills of LSRW ( Learning, Speaking, Reading and Writing ). The Primary Objective of teaching English is to cultivate the required habit of listening and understanding the language. English language teachers should make efforts to cultivate interest among the students. Therefore the teachers has to take individual care, by doing case study.
It is time consuming so that teaching English is difficult in Larger Class
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English is spoken by many people of the world. So it is called as international language. Now –a-days it has become pivotal in the world job market. No other language has become as crucial as English in our India. Therefore all the parents have been concentrating more on English Education of late and their main desire is to see their children speak English . It is extremely unhappy to say that most of the Class – I bureaucrats are also hesitating to communicate their ideas freely in English language. That is why, they are spending thousands of rupees to improve their kids English proficiency.Cashing in on this demand,many English language coaching institutes are being set up.However,they are failing to meet the aspirations of their ambitious
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