Importance Of Teaching Second Language Vocabulary

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Teaching second language vocabulary is viewed as one of the important skills which teachers of English as a second language (ESL) or English as a foreign language (EFL) need to enhance. Traditionally, teaching vocabulary gained little interest in second language programs. 1) Teaching Teaching is one of the important principles that dominate the field of educational pedagogy. Teaching is different from learning. Teaching is an act played by the teacher while learning is to listen carefully to what the teacher says. Teaching is based on teacher ability the physical and mental. Teachings are not just following the curriculum and providing the students with lessons, and fill their minds with information. Teaching is an act born of an interaction between students and teacher. Teaching is a responsibility that rely on teachers shoulders. Teaching is the sacrifice performed by the professor in order to deliver the lesson content to the fullest through several strategies that enable students to understand the lesson. The teacher 's role is to facilitate the difficult issues that may the student faced. Teaching is a great job ever, it is like an inheritance from generation to another the basics are kept as it is, but the techniques and methods are changeable. Despite the fact that teaching is a responsibility that rely on teacher’s shoulders, I think that the teacher’s personality effect on the student production. In other words, the teacher who encourages his student with
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