Importance Of Teaching Writing

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Abstract Good writing requires several skills and ability to use words and sentences correctly and to organize these words and sentences to form paragraphs and essays. Thus, good writing starts from learning vocabulary, grammar and practice using them in sentences. In addition, good writers should know punctuation and capitalization rules. Otherwise, they will not be called effective writers. To train students to be good writers, teachers have a key role because they can guide students what to do and how to do to be successful writers. However, writing is not an easy task for most of the learners, applying some essential strategies and methods can help students learn this skill easily. One of the main points is enabling students to take information from one or more sources through reading different texts, so integrating of reading with writing is the best strategy of teaching writing. Introduction: “Teaching academic writing to both native and non-native speakers of English is an enterprise that unfolds in such a countless variety of settings and classrooms around the world” (Kroll, 2001, p. 219). Writing is one the most important skills which needs enough practice. Teaching writing in an effective way is one of the most important life- long skills that teachers impart to their students. Thus, teachers must be sensitive to choose resources and materials that not only lead them in teaching how to write, but that will also be the most effective in helping their students
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