Importance Of Team Development

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Team is a combination of individual’s effort and ideas to reach a common goal. Development, communication, and learning are three of the most importance components to gain the main benefit of the team. This assignment aim to help the leader and the team’s members to raise the quality of the team’s output by discussing the importance of team development, effective training principles, stages in team development, communication in teams, and team learning depending upon several books, journals, websites and other references.

Importance of Team Development
Development is a term refers to the improvements and the better changes in the team. The development process could be done by many ways such as using technology and machines that would help the members to improve their work. Also, train the members by expertise to increase their knowledge and skills to raise the quality of their output. In 2000 U.S organizations allocated a budget of $54 billion for formal training and developments, this huge costs shows the great impact of the training on organizations (Arthur, Bennett, Edens, & Bell, 2003). Moreover, developments help the team to strength the weakness, correct the mistakes, and face the challenges.

Effective Training Principles
A well-built team is an asset of an organization, and that’s why they need continuous growth and stability to bring out the best in favor of the team. Whenever an organization decides to train the team, they have a goal to achieve and

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