Teamwork: How To Build An Effective Team

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Have you ever wondered, how today business organisations survive in this constantly changing and complex world. They can only survive, if there exists processes, products and people who are competitive, and who can work together to bring success to the company. These circumstances have made it imperative for the business to build teams who can perform varied tasks for the organisation.

Jack Welch once said that “the team with the best players wins”. Therefore, organisations must focus on building teams which contribute to the success of the organisation. These teams bring together the best talent and also synergise their abilities to enhance performance, for creative problem-solving and better productivity.
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Adopting a company strategy which is aligned with the individual goals and ensuring that the right person is placed in the right role at the right time with the right set of skills is important to build an effective team. To build an effective team, the individuals within the team must share a common goal and must trust each other. They should be able to build their skill sets by using tools that help in effective communication.
A team’s performance depends on the individual contributions made by the team members. However the team’s performance also depends on the various aspects they are dealing with, the purpose for which a team is built could be one of the factors which may result in the success or failure of the team. The purpose of the team could be to carry out repeated functions or to perform functions of a recurring nature or to solve a set of specific problems.
A team could be formed for various
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Learning: Team learning starts as the members communicate with each other to achieve a common goal. The learning happens when the team members involve themselves in a positive exchange of ideas, and resolve conflicts through communication and by realising their potential. Team learning is essential as it builds the potential of the team and helps transform the team into a high performance team.
2. Product development: A team which is responsible for product development can be built based on the requirements of the business. The product development team could either focus on the product features or it could focus on the journey or experience of the end-user. A product development team could be built by re-organising people within the organisation who can communicate and share ideas with each other, share resources and requirements in order develop product ideas which are innovative and creative.
3. Problem-Solving: A team could also be built for specific problem-solving or for trouble – shooting. These problem-solving teams could be chosen from the network of people within the organisation.
4. Decision-making: The purpose for which a team may be built could be in order to make specific decisions for the organisation. This decision-making could be related to customer service, business process, or any other important issues related to the

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