Importance Of Teamwork In An Organisation

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Role of Teamwork Teamwork that is used and practised properly is a great way of achieving tasks on time. However when a team is not working well together such as team members not participating, may result in time wasting and be an inconvenience to an organisation. Teamwork is very important in different organisations as it allows people to bond together, making them feel involved and valued. It can make them feel that without their input certain tasks and deadlines may not have been met or problems may not have been solved successfully. On the other hand if a teamwork task fails the responsibility will be shared between the team, highlighting peoples’ strengths and weaknesses. A by-product of teamwork is trust and an acceptance of your teammates’ views to be aired rationally without any preconditions, negative, or confrontational opinions. While a person’s views or opinions may not be accepted it can be equally important to rule that view out, still allowing that person and team to share in any successful outcome of any task. For the organisation this is a win-win situation providing everybody on the team partakes. Teamwork saves time and money for an organisation and can also help prevent future problems. It can also lead to a happy, loyal and honest workforce who would have strengthened their areas of…show more content…
This may lead to disagreements on issues such as the funding of resources, decision making, manpower and timekeeping. Teams should be selected carefully and strategically. They should be led by an experienced team manager who has the expertise to be able to take charge of a situation and act proactively to prevent any possible problems arising. The team manager should have the strength to make the final decision after taking everybody’s opinion and views into account, recognising the various skills in the group, and act in a fair and non-biased
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