Importance Of Teamwork In Animal Farm

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Although the animals of Animal Farm had specific ideas about how to create an ideal society, they were unsuccessful because of their lack of teamwork and their need to manipulate one another. The animals began creating goals for their society after renaming the farm to Animal Farm. Their first commandment, which is arguably one of their most important goals, is all animals are equal. One of the main reasons for the rebellion was to create a utopia where every animal is equal and free. Another one of their most valued goals was to share all of their benefits, such as their food and their luxuries. When Mr. Jones, the farmer they chased off, was still in charge, the animals got very little food for how much they worked. The animals were hoping that when they took over everybody would receive…show more content…
Another key reason for their failure is that they were unable to handle things around the farm. Although the animals were nifty, There were still some tasks that they could just not handle because they 're animals. For example, the animals were unable to use most of Mr. Jones 's machinery due to their non-opposable thumbs and the fact that they knew not how to walk on two legs. Another leading contribution behind why the animals are unable to achieve their goals was that the pigs, who took it upon themselves to lead the other animals, began breaking the rules that they created. The pigs would then lie to the others and alter the rules, so they wouldn’t be breaking them. The pigs also began fighting for power. Snowball and Napoleon would constantly argue to the point of violence because they both wanted absolute power. All of this led to a lack of food and even more work on the animals. If the animals had tried harder to work together, stayed truthful with one another, and kept good intentions they could have possibly achieved their ideal
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