Importance Of Teamwork In The Workplace

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In modern organizations, all sorts of work are organizing around with groups and teams. Groups and teams are vibrant to understanding of organizational behavior because they are known as the building blocks of the larger organization. According to the Andrew (2005), team can be defining as a special type of group. Team members have complementary skills and are committed to a common purpose, a set of performance goals, and an approach to the task. Then, an important part of team functioning is teamwork. Teamwork refers to a situation in which there is understanding and some commitment to group goals on the part of all team members.
Teamwork in the work place involves building relationships and working with other people in the organization using some skills and good habits. Firstly, facilitate conversation, idea-sharing and team brainstorming. Typically, before starting any project a team will hold a meeting where team members can sit together to easily share ideas and brainstorming the ideas. To get more productive session, the meeting must be hold in one place or room that has a good environment to ensure the meeting will be hold smoothly also able to create and develop the plans.
Secondly, each member of team must know their roles and responsibilities. According to the Missouri Small Business and Technology Development Centers, projects that give to a group can be finished because each member from the team takes their responsibilities and fairly do their work. Since, each
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