Importance Of Teamwork

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3.Explain the importance of teamwork into the organization. Explain the stages of the team development as well as the team roles. Team member A person belonging to a particular group who have a common goal. For example, each player in the football game have a certain place in the field with separate tasks , but the purpose of each player is to provide a goal for the team in order to achieve victory. A team also can be defined as a number of individual members, each of them who possesses particular knowledge , skills and share with each other for the good of the team. Forming an effective team is more complex than simply throwing a group of people together. Potential team members need to be interviewed and their skills and knowledge should be assessed. Issues to consider in selecting team members include: the individual 's motivation with respect to both the team and the task at hand; the attitudes and goals of potential team members; potential problems with intragroup relationships; and potential problems with relationships with external groups. It is important to know that effective teams are made from a variety of personalities. So everyone has of certain skills in different subjects and the combination of these skills leads directly to achieving the purpose of certain group. Teamwork In our nation is known the phrase "union made power" and that is what I call Teamwork For example, we often use the phrase "he or she is a good team player." This means that someone has at

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