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Technical English is a type of English focused on specific terminology, depending on the field where is going to be applied. This kind of English uses certain words and terms related to medicine, science, engineering, etc. This language consists of constructing language, a language planning, specification structure and a special English with its grammar and vocabulary.
A constructed language is a language made by phonology, grammar, and vocabulary that have been conceived for human communication, instead of having developed naturally. It is also referred to as an artificial or invented language. Possible reasons to create a constructed language are for experimentation in the fields of linguistics, cognitive science, and machine learning1. Special
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2 The corpus of the language planning involves a prescriptive intervention in the forms of a language and it is used to reach certain functions by using appropriated language and a correct adequacy of terms.
The specification structure of technical English consists of two parts: writing rules and dictionary. This structure is used in the all types of technical fields with their particular vocabulary gather in dictionaries.
In Writing Rules there are two types of topics: procedure and description. The Writing Rules also specify restrictions on grammar and style usage. Before writing on any type of document you may know what you need to do and what you want to expose. It is important too to know who your audience is and what level of expertise you expect. Those steps are going to be crucial to make your writings successful.
Procedure is an outline of steps to take and the order in which they need to be taken to create a document with an action oriented objective. Procedures are commonly instructional, they may be used in training and orientation and they are more concrete and focused to the point than the other kind of documents. A procedure must be written if the issue will raise a significant benefit from a clarifying
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IT encompasses the largest sub-field within technical communication.4. Technical writing and communication is characterized by developing of technical or specialized topics, communicating through technology or giving the instructions of how to carry out something related with technical issues.
A properly technical writing is concise, focused, correct and easy to read and understand. It has to be enjoyable for the reader, it has to engage the reader into the process and make the text understandable because is aimed at using in ordinary life and real-world situations.
Technical English writing requires a writer to extensively examine his or her audience. A technical writer needs to be aware of his or her audience's existing knowledge about the material he or she is discussing because the knowledge base of the writer's audience will determine the content and focus of a document.5 The audience has not got to know anything about the topic exposed in the composition but a good redaction and an easy organization of the text help the readers to understand the text. The information is not going to be focused equal by an audience who knows something about the topic in front of the one who does not know nothing.

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