Importance Of Technical Writing

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Technology is a manner of accomplishing a task using technical methods or knowledge. It has conferred a number of benefits on humankind. Engineering is the practical applications of scientific and mathematical principles. And engineers being the directors of motion guide the course of actions.

Writings that deal with the special knowledge especially on scientific or technical subjects are scientific or technical writings. Practice for such kind of writings is to be given to the technical students who study engineering and technology. Importance is given for technical writing in the Engineering curriculum not only in the Universities in India but also in all other countries promoting technology.

In general, the educational system of engineering, that is, the Technology Education can be defined as training for the practical applications of science in industry and commerce. Technical communication is very important for practical applications of science, for learning the mechanics in technology, for promoting technological research, and for the training of technologists.

But how equipped are the engineering students in technical writing? Do they have the ability to express their findings through scientific writing? My paper deals with the importance of technical writing, features of technical writing and the challenges the students face in written communication.

(Key words :Jargon, Process writing, scaffolding, Scientific writing, Technical writing.)

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