Importance Of Technology In Education

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These days, they use of new technologies has made a huge impact into all the different world spheres and has profoundly gained importance in education over time. The Decree 231/200, published by the Junta de Andalucia, aimed at incorporating the Autonomous Communicty into the society of knowledge in order to be more competitive and productive by the integration of new technologies in the educational system. In so doing, lessons are more motivating and dynamic for students and information is provided in a way that differs from the text-following traditional approach. Besides, having an interactive whiteboard, an overhead projector (OH`) and broadband Internet access offers and facilitates both teacher’s and students’ work. Even though FL teaching can be fostered with traditional aids, new media such as computer software and the Internet enrich the repertoire of educational tools” (Pérez, 2005). Such I the cae that new technologies will be a key tool: audio-visual resources (e.g., videos and songs taken from the Internet will be employed, especially to work on Listening skills). Anyways, the use of more traditional visual resources such as flashcards will be promoted since “they are a good way to present, practice and recycle vocabulary” (Ibid.), so the potential of these more traditional tools is not to be undervalued. The use of ICTs is a fundamental aspect of this Unit of Work given that students will be in constant contact with Information and Communication Technologies.
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