Importance Of Technology In Education

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Modern technological innovations are an inevitable part of our everyday lives and in many situations they have taken their permanent roles in activities, which cannot be imagined without them nowadays.We live in a society where technology has taken up many of the responsibilities which we had to face on our own and this fact has given us the ease in exploring newer concepts which were unimaginable because of the barriers certain tasks have been creating, the same now being replaced by the computers, smartphones and so on. When it comes to education, these innovations are slowly becoming part of the educational process and in some educational systems they have replaced many of the old approaches for a more efficient educational experience. Considering the social context and the benefits that can be gained from the modern technological innovations, I believe they should become a crucial part of the teaching process, as they do bring a more efficient educational experience and a more relevant and authentic context, especially to the younger generations. One of the facts that needs to be considered, when asking whether or not technology should be more incorporated in the educational process, is that younger generations have incorporated the modern technological innovations in their everyday lives to such an extent that they cannot imagine a day without them. Considering this, education should indeed introduce more technology in the classrooms as this would mean a more

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