Importance Of Technology In Green Revolution

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Importance Of Technology:
With the advancement in technology, everything has seemingly become much easier and efficient. Technology has, without any doubt a major role in green revolution and has made hundreds of thousands lives easier to live. However, with the ease and availability of food of better quality and in more quantity, it has also resulted in an enormous rise in population.

Role of Technology in Green Revolution:

People around the globe have worked hard in the past to make green revolution an effective reality and efforts are still being put into it to continue and improve it. The success of green revolution lies in the hard work of people. Technology has helped people make it better to a whole new level.
Today, the yield of many crops at average has enormously risen up as compared to the last few decades. This would not have been achieved if technology was not part of it. Previously, a lot of crop was destroyed due to pests and inappropriate ways of irrigation. People in past had to work ten times harder to get satisfactory results. Many of the crops used to get wasted during the whole process and the entire procedure used to take time, extra energies and the farmers were never sure of what catastrophe may hit upon them and they had no plans or solutions to avoid any of them. Therefore, such lack of technology and knowledge lead to famines and deaths.
Since the time people started putting more emphasis on technology, it worked positively for the

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