Importance Of Technology In Samsung

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The use of technological resources is a major aspect in acquiring success in a globally competitive era. Organizations are must keep abreast of these changes so as to be able to advance and adapt to guarantee that there will not be any negative implications. Stakeholders and managers must also do their research into new technology trends and acquire this knowledge to improve the organization. Dasgupta and Gupta (2009) outline that “Technology tools like intranets, database, etc., or non-technology tools like brainstorming and research collaboration, enable a firm to exploit and apply knowledge, thereby increasing chances of innovation.” This increase form of innovation will lead to the success of the organization as new ideas are explored. With the use of technology, the internal as well as the external structure of an organization can be improved, whereas the manager can keep track of their subordinates’ progress and track if there are any improvements in productivity. The technology that exist in today’s world enables companies to analysis their business capabilities and to assist them in getting a deeper understanding of the business performance, how to meet the needs of the customers and getting up-to-date knowledge of trends in the business market. Samsung Electronics Limited is a company that over the years have found innovative ways of ensuring the success of the company by keeping its customers interested in its products. Because of the competition from other

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