Importance Of Technology In Tourism

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Importance of technology for tourism industry In the essay the author will see the impact of technology on tourism industry. The owners and managers of tourism destinations are continuously doing new technological innovations to attract the new customers. Technological has a positive impact on the business in this era of globalization. The materials used in this document will be secondary data. The secondary data consists of journal articles, webpages, previous research, presentations etc. ICT has helped the tourism industry to grow internationally and provided some better concepts to improve the position of tourism industry in the market. Tourism industry is a growing sector and it is increasing at the rate of 5% per year and the technology…show more content…
air, water, roads is safe and suits there requirement to visit the tourism spot. Accommodation sector has seen the most positive effect of internet and technology in the tourism industry. The tourists can see the hotels, rooms and amenities provided on the internet from their home country before travelling to the foreign country. Tourists can also get information about the different seasons of tourism spot they want to visit by the effective use of information technology i.e. when the snowfall will going to happen. In last few years the social media and various social networking sites i.e. face book, twitter, Instagram have shown a greater influence on the tourists. Small and medium sized tourism enterprises are focusing more on the social media channels to connect with their customers globally. The tourists can check the review of past tourists about a particular place on different websites i.e. trip advisor. The trip advisor website contains around 10 million travel reviews published by more than 5 million registered members worldwide. The tourists can instantly post their pictures and images on social media channels and connect with their friends and relatives easily. Those pictures also tell about the beauties of tourist destinations to other people in the friend list. In Europe in 2007 80% of UK consumers have checked online reviews about a hotel before booking it from their home…show more content…
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