Technology Leadership Reflection

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Technology plays an important role in preparing 21st-century learners for a global society and a diverse workforce. I believe I can assist my school in accomplishing this goal by utilizing the skills I learned in the 7105 Technology Leadership & Vision course. In this course, I completed three major assignments which include a Shared Vision Paper, Current Reality Report/SWOT Analysis Report, and an Action Plan. These major assignments have allowed me to strengthening my role as future Technology leader by allowing me to put what I have learned into practice. I have learned that as a future Technology Leader, I must be able to assist my school in bring the shared vision and the goals for technology integration into fruition. In order to reach these goals, I…show more content…
As I completed this assignment, I learned that despite having a school improvement plan that includes technology integration, our school lacks a shared vision for this integration. According to Creighton (2003), when there is a lack of a shared vision, technology integration will not be successful. Also, without a shared vision, our school lacks direction (Gabriel and Farmer, 2009). Therefore, in order to ensure that technology integration is effectively implemented, it is important to create a shared vision that includes input from various stakeholders. Therefore, I utilized the ISTE Essential Conditions as a foundation to creating my Shared Vision Paper. This paper was created to support the goals established in the school improvement plan which include addressing the diverse needs of student populations and providing digital equality for SES and gender groups. After completing this Shared Vision Paper, I realized that a shared vision is very important in helping my school effectively implement
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