Importance Of Technology Leadership

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Technology plays an important role in preparing 21st-century learners for a global society and a diverse workforce. I believe I can assist my school in accomplishing this goal by utilizing the skills I learned in the 7105 Technology Leadership & Vision course. In this course, I completed three major assignments which include a Shared Vision Paper, Current Reality Report/SWOT Analysis Report, and an Action Plan. These major assignments have allowed me to strengthening my role as future Technology leader by allowing me to put what I have learned into practice. I have learned that as a future Technology Leader, I must be able to assist my school in bring the shared vision and the goals for technology integration into fruition. In order to reach these goals, I know it is important for me to collaborate with teachers and administrators to select and evaluate digital tools and resources for accuracy, suitability, and compatibility. I have been able to do this by completing the following:
Shared Vision Paper
In my ITEC 7410 Technology Leadership & Vision in Schools course, I develop a Shared Vision Paper that clearly defines how the stakeholders and I view technology integration within the school. As I completed this assignment, I learned that despite having a school improvement plan that includes technology integration, our school lacks a shared vision for this integration. According to Creighton (2003), when there is a lack of a shared vision, technology integration will
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