Importance Of Telenursing

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Tele nursing refers to the use of telecommunication and information technology in providing nursing care whenever a large distance exist between the patient and the nurse or between any numbers of health care provider.
Telenursing is gaining a large level of growth and audience in many nations, due to several factors which includes the reduction of cost in the health care system, increasing number of critical ill aged persons, and the absence of health care centres in distance location such as the rural areas.
Telenursing also help to solve the issue of shortage of nurses in the health care delivery system, it reduces distance and curbs the travel time spent to reach the sick or injured patients.
One of the major application of telenursing is the home care, patient who are immobile or those who are critically ill and live in remote areas which is difficult to reach in a minimum amount of time, can stay at home and be attended to by telenursing through video calls or conference video calls.
Telenursing helps the patient and the nurse in charge of his or her care to be able to diagnose and consult a patient without having to travel all the distance to see the patient in person.
Apart from diagnosis and consultation, telenursing can also be used in the health education of clients or patients on their health condition and preventable measures can be discussed.
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