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This chapter describes the rationale, purpose of the study, research questions, scope and delimitations, and definition of terms of the study. 1.1 Rationale Reading is one of the most important parts in learning English. It helps students gain new experience and knowledge and engage to other societies if they are able to understand texts they are reading. However, there is a difficulty in learning language that is grammar. It is the most difficult part to comprehend texts and meaning especially a complex sentence. Almost foreign language learners have difficulty to understand complex sentences in text reading. Stevens (1982) mentioned that many students who had adequate word analysis and vocabulary skills still had a problem engaging to sentence…show more content…
1.4 Significance of the Study The findings of the study will import the benefit of EFL teachers considering that complex sentence comprehension plays an important role in grasping the meaning and interpreting the text reading. The results of the study will be also useful to EFL teachers in providing teaching process to help their students improve linguistic competence in acquiring dependent clauses so that students will correctly comprehend and interpret complex sentence in text reading. 1.5 Scope and Delimitation This study is focus on acquiring full and reduced forms of dependent clauses; adverb clause, adjective or relative clause, and noun clause by applying explicit and implicit instruction. Moreover, the study is confined to comparing the significant difference of the effect on applying explicit and implicit instruction. This study is limited to 80 12th-grade students both male and female during the second semester of the academic year 2015 at Suraphinphitthaya School. The research used purposive sampling in which an equal representative is…show more content…
In addition, students consciously learn the rules. The instructor applies it in attempt to teach how to learn. Explicit instruction is clearly, directly stated that leaving no question about the meaning of the target form. Implicit instruction is the learning process that refers to a learning environment. Students infer rules of the target form without awareness. In other word, students are presented the target forms in context and encouraged free use of the target forms. They unconsciously deduce the rules. Implicit instruction is not directly stated. Students have to understand in what is expressed from the given clues. English as a Foreign Language (EFL) refers to teaching and learning English language in non-native speaking countries where English is not a medium language to communicate. Sentence comprehension is a capacity of the mind to perceive and understand the sentence and get ideas from the reading text. Complex sentence is a sentence that consists of at least two clauses: a main clause and a dependent clause. Dependent clause is parts of a sentence which cannot stand alone as a complete sentence because it does not express a complete thought also it need additional information to finish the

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