Importance Of The 6th Amendment

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6th Amendment I personally find that out of all the amendments the most important one is the 6th amendment. Reason being that it is crucial in aiding the judicial process from wrongly persecuting innocent people and it allows our democratic process to continue without preventing innocent people for taking the fall while punishing those who harm it. It keeps justice in check, keeping laws in line and rulings to be fair. The 6th amendment helps the defendants have an attorney when they are unable to afford one. As stated on, the Gideon v. Wainwright case is what brought the need for constitutional protections being accessible by citizens. This being one of the main reasons this amendment is important because not everyone has the money and resources to get a lawyer to defend them in court. It gives those that are accused of a crime a public and speedy trial. If I was accused of stealing but the accusation is false, I will want to be given a fair trial to prove myself innocent. Of course, at my age now I probably wouldn’t be able to afford a lawyer but since the 6th amendment stands one would be appointed to me. In Gideon’s case, he wasn’t appointed a lawyer due to the current law being that lawyers are only assigned to capital cases. Once he was given a lawyer to defend him, the lawyer went to question the cab driver about the accusations. The driver said that Gideon wasn’t carrying wine or any beverage when he got into the cab. He was a witness that

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