Dignity In The Eucharist

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The Eucharist stands as initiation sacrament of the Christian life which has the power of transforming the recipient to be like Christ who is present in the sacrament. A Christian is expected to become new person in his /her approach to daily realities of life. Highlights its nature as a sacrament of love a sign of unity and a bond of love. By experiencing Christ in the Eucharist, the believer through their own personal daily presence in the world, are called to represent him in the world to other human beings and even to the nature. The effect of Eucharist will be felt more in the society if it is understood and projected in theory and practice as communion with Christ and with one another, www.iec2012.i.e/--/dr/zunnakwon

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The Eucharist is a sign of our incomparable dignity as human persons. This dignity, given to all equally, regardless of our social or economic status or where we come from, causes us to recognize “what value each person, our brother or sister has in God’s eyes. Christ offers Himself equally to each one. The Eucharist must make us grow in awareness of the dignity of each person. www.iec2012.i.e/--/dr/zunnakwon.

The Eucharist prepares us for mission. In the face of the sin and injustice we see present in our communities, the Eucharist “plants a seed of living hope in our daily commitment to the work before us,” challenging us to live “Eucharistic” lives. It affirms our role as citizens and as men and women in various professions at different levels of society in “contributing with the light of the Gospel to the building of a more human world, a world fully in harmony with God’s plan. (Messenger of Mary Immaculate by conventuals Franciscans friars)

The Eucharist unifies and heals divisions.
St. Paul taught that the celebration of the Eucharist is insincere; if there are divisions within the community based on class status or privilege or if there are factions within the community. Partaking in the Sacrament as equals in the Body of Christ challenges us to unite as one family.
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In the depth of prayer, we become so moved and sensitized to his love for those who suffer that the words of St. Augustine become a reality for us: “The pain of one, even the smallest member, is the pain of all. www.iec2012.i.e/--/dr/zunnakwon

The Eucharist moves us and inspires us to respond.
In the Eucharist, the boundlessness of the Father’s love “springs up within us a lively response” that causes us to “begin to love “Contemplating Christ’s sacrifice for the world in need, we are compelled to follow his example. Drawn “into the very dynamic of his self-giving” we are
Moved to self-giving action in solidarity with the members of our human family who face injustice. www.iec2012.i.e/--/dr/zunnakwon
The Eucharist propels us forth to transform the world.
The Eucharist “increases, rather than lessens, our sense of responsibility for the world today.” Christ in the Eucharist calls us to build “a more human world, a world fully in harmony with God’s plan filled with awe for all we have received in Christ’s self-gift. We respond with service and works of charity. We act to transform unjust structures, policies, and laws that degrade human life and dignity.

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