Importance Of The Ganga River

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Ganges – The Mother of All Rivers

Ganges River is a river in the northern Indian subcontinent plains. Sometimes it can also be called Ganga in Hindi and some Indian languages. To other people around the world, the river is known as the Ganges. Ganges River is a wide river. It flows through very fertile places along its course. It also flows through one of the most densely populated regions of the world. The Ganges is responsible for letting Indians have water. It gives water to millions of people living along its bank. The river came into existence in the Himalaya mountain range and flows into the sea at the Bay of Bengal. Even though its length might not be so long compared to other rivers around the world, but this river is one of the most
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However, during early ages of Hinduism, the age of the Rigveda, the Ganges was not the holy river. The holy river was the Indus and the Sarasvati River. However, later, all of the three Vedas that comes after the Rigveda all gives a lot of importance to the Ganges River.

For the Hindu people, the Ganges River is really sacred. It is sacred from the beginning to the end of its course. The Hindus bathe in the river. They go into the river to pay respect to the gods and also to their ancestors. They offer many flowers and clay dishes as an offering to the gods. When Hindus return home from the Ganges, they usually fill in some of the waters of the Ganges back home. The Hindus also throw the burned ashes of their loved ones into the Ganges River.

Hindus celebrate the descent of the goddess of the Ganges River, Ganga, from heaven to earth. This is called the Ganga Dashahara. If the Hindus bathe in the waters of the Ganges River on that particular day they believe that the water of the river can wash away all of the ten sins. People who cannot make it to the Ganges River also can do the ritual at the rivers or streams near their home. However, most of the Hindu people that are very strict and are really loyal will travel to then Ganges River to perform this very important
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In Hinduism, they make the river Ganges a goddess named Ganga. According to the Hindus, the River Ganges was created during one of the Lord Vishnu’s incarnations. In Lord Vishnu’s fifth Incarnation, he incarnates as a dwarf Brahmin. He came down to help Lord Indra to have authority over the heavens once again after it has been taken by Mahabali, an asura king. When Lord Vishnu is measuring the land, he extended his super large foot to the universe’s end. Because of his very large nail of his toe, he poked a hole through the universe. From there, the water of the Diving poured out. Before coming down to the earth, it settles in Brahmoloka, or the house of Brahma. It then bounced of the head of Lord Shiva to prevent damage to the world. However, there are also other legends associating with the creation of the Holy Ganges River. Some also said about the descend to the world of the goddess

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