Genocide Convention Research Paper

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Is the Genocide Convention an Adequate Tool to Prevent Future Genocides? Genocide and its prevention are critical and controversial topics for a long time. Though the word ‘genocide’ has not been used from a long time, but the act of genocide is a very old phenomenon. Among the important issues genocide is one of the serious topics for international communities to prevent it. So, the genocide convention is one of the possible and adequate tools which is created by the international community to prevent the future genocides as in the genocide convention of 1048, it has been declared as a crime to commit genocide, which contains some certain acts(Ferencz). In this paper, I will argue that the genocide convention can be an adequate tool to prevent…show more content…
Genocide is not something to happen over one night, without any early warnings. There should be institutions and organization to use from the different strategy to recognize the early warnings. The genocide convention is to understand the early warnings that how it occurs and understanding that signs can help and lead to inhibit the genocide and make sure such incident do not happen in the future (Albright and Cohen). Kofi Annan, the UN Secretary General had mentioned five points in order to predicate and prevent any genocide: “1. Prevent armed conflict, which usually provides the context for genocide;2. Protect civilians in armed conflict, including through UN peacekeepers;3. End impunity through judicial action in national and international courts;4. Gather information and set up an early-warning system; and5. Take swift and decisive action, including military action.” (UN). Preventing can contain two terms, preventing a genocide to not happen and prevent further destruction and casualties while a genocide is going on. And, genocide most probably happens at the time of war, so to stop that people need to understand its roots such as hatred, intolerance, racism, discrimination and so on. After understanding the early warning and root causes of genocide the convention can mandate to prevent the genocide. It can be done through the UN Peace Keepers, preventive diplomacy or putting pressure on the government in order to change the decisions of political leaders, through humanitarian interventions and human rights. The final option can military forces to prevent the happening genocide when there are no effective
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