Importance Of The Glass Ceiling

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In India, women’s have marked their presence in all the disciplines and projected their talents, skill sets, knowledge and witnessed success in any grade of job that they have taken up. With the increase in gender equality of women and rising educational levels women have slowly started to creep into management jobs by entering into corporate life. However, social and cultural attitudes are remaining as prevalent factors in choices of jobs for women as most of them prefer feminine jobs like teaching or nursing. Today’s women are participating in all spheres of economic generation and are aware of their personal needs and also demand greater equality and status within and outside India. The World Bank has stated that if India has to eradicate…show more content…
India is basically lagging far behind world’s average in female representation in management, it is hard to digest that only 2 to 3 percent of women hold and enjoy administrative and managerial positions. This discrepancy clearly throws light on the solid glass ceiling that Indian women face in their professional careers. Today, women represent in adequate numbers to constitute the total work force, but we see that they are hardly present in the senior managerial positions which have been labeled as the “Glass Ceiling”. It is a barrier which is so subtle that it is transparent and yet strong that it prevents women from moving up in the management hierarchy. The glass ceiling comes in many forms like women’s under representation at the corporate hierarchy, occupational segregation, sexual harassment at the workplace ,discriminative corporate policies, exclusion of women from informal networks, lack of attention to the specific needs women have, gendered wage gap. Research reveals that the attainment of top executive positions for females in India is quite complex and involves many hidden…show more content…
The main problem is to identify the key factors that contribute to the slow progress of women in the banking sector. Modern women have attained remarkable success in the male dominated society by equipping themselves with technical know-how and knowledge up-gradation. Still women’s witness several discriminations made against them in the workplace, which has positively impacted their advancement in jobs to acquire higher societal recognition in par with men. Working women have constantly battled against horizontal segregation with the separation of women and men into gender specific jobs. More and more women are entering management positions by graduating still there is a bottleneck at middle management levels as the entry is easier and later the progression slows down after the middle level despite of their professional and technical qualifications and achievements hence women are prevented from climbing up the corporate ladder to reach the top. In India recent research and surveys reveal that men out-number women in terms of reaching top managerial positions and data on Indian female managers is

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