Importance Of The Holocaust

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The Holocaust’s Importance Even though the Enlightenment brought and encouraged religious toleration, some people interpreted some of its ideas wrongly. The incorrect interpretation of Darwin’s theory of evolution and other sociological conceptions gave rise to some racial ideas like Social Darwinism, Fascism, Nazism. After WWI, the German Veteran Adolf Hitler blamed Jews for the defeat. He also predicted a global war on Jews in his book “Mein Kampf,” My Struggle. Hitler and some German socialists believed in the purity of Germans’ ethnicity; they saw Jews and Gypsies as the most dangerous threat to their race purity. When Hitler came to power, he started stripping Jews from their jobs and properties. After that, he started gathering them from all Europe, departed them to the Polish ghettoes, and gassing and killing them. By the end of WWII, he killed more than 6 million Jews. However, there were some survivors who witnessed the whole catastrophic story of the Holocaust.…show more content…
Those who survived it carried with their survival testimonies of the most savage massacre in history. The stories of survivors tell the misery Jews faced because of only their race identity. Hearing the stories of the survivors and all the things they had to do to stay alive makes one experience a dual fear of death and life; fearing a life with the domination of humans’ brutality and fearing a death with such brutality. I think their survival was just a matter of luck and if they had to choose between death or life under that situation, they would choose
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