Management Process To Life Essay

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Appling the Management Process to Life In society today, it can be easy to become overcome with people, task and information that can sometimes tend to get the best of us. Without effective tools, strategies and knowledge, it is simple to see how so many little things can lead to discomfort and pressure. However, there is a way that we can take back control of our lives starting with the four functions of management. The four functions of the management process include planning, organizing, leading and controlling (Bateman 1). This process has established an extremely effective way to manage organizations across the globe, from small and privately-owned organizations to large multinational corporations. Effective mangers understand how planning,…show more content…
Control involves guaranteeing that performance does not deviate from standards (Principles of Management 15). Control consists of three steps, which include establishing performance standards, comparing actual performance against standards and taking corrective action when necessary. Control consist of activities such as measuring performance, comparing with the existing standard and finding the deviations, and correcting the deviations. Control activities generally relate to the measurement of achievement or results of actions which were taken to attain the goal. According to Theo Haimann, “Controlling is the process of checking whether or not proper progress is being made towards the objectives and goals and acting if necessary, to correct any deviation “(FUNCTIONS OF MANAGEMENT 3). I can apply control in my life by being reasonably confident that I will complete my goals of becoming a CPA and getting my MBA and that no huge unpleasant surprises will occur. I can do this by establishing objectives and goals, then measure achievement of them, identifying anything that is keeping me from achieving them, and provide a means of correction if necessary. By controlling my life, I can pinpoint the problems within the goals I want to achieve and take the corrective actions to make sure I able to accomplish

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