Absence Of Malice Analysis

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When it comes to the exposure of news stories and headlines addressing important situations in real life scenarios, the media, newspapers, and other social platforms are given a very wide range of freedom. Newspapers have the power to say what they want, how they want it as long at it is truthful and effective in everyday life. However with that certain power comes responsibility and the idea news should ideally be legal and ethical, and should stray away from misuse of liability and slander. This thought leads to the question of: Does this story have legal points and information? And in addition: Can this story be viewed as a truthful and ethical piece?
It is very possible for newspapers and press to utilize their
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To demonstrate, reporter Megan had sat down with Teresa—a friend of Michael Gallagher, and some beneficial truthful information had been shared between the two of them. Megan, being the reporter she was had stated, that she makes no promises as to whether or not she would publicize this newfound truth, hence resulting in a suicide from Teresa. To argue, if Megan had decided to run the story, and publicize it in our modern day society, it would’ve been perfectly legal, because the story had exposed the truth and only the truth, despite the death of Teresa. However this idea stands on the question of whether or not the story is ethical and…show more content…
Gallagher and he is powerless to do us harm. Democracy is served.” In the Movie, “Absence of Malice”, the lawyer addresses Ms. Megan Carter with the viewpoint that she can say whatever she wants about Gallagher without any true consequence, if and only if what she says can be proved true due to the power of the press. Nevertheless, this feeds into the power that Megan Carter does not exactly realize that she has.
Ms. Carter, being the reporter she is often forgets the people behind the stories when trying to expose the truth of the matter as fast as possible which leads to disruption in lives and change in regularity of lives. These changes that Megan Carter inflicts leads to the pressure of law, and suing, associated with Michael Gallagher. However since what Megan does write is the truth, and can back her statements up with facts, the court can only go so far towards delivering punishment. This deprivation in judicial power is only true because laws on a daily have been made and are being made to ensure total freedom on speech within the people, and to highlight the importance of right to

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