Importance Of The Navajo National Monument

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The Navajo National Monument The Navajo National Monument is located in Navajo and Coconino counties in Arizona, with an area of 360 acres. It was created on March 20, 1909 and is administered by the National Parks Service, being incorporated into the National Register of Historic Places on October 15, 1966. It was established to preserve three well-preserved houses of the Anasazi ancestral village, these ruins are Broken Pottery (Kits 'iil), Ledge House (Britát 'ahkin), and Inscription House (Ts 'ah Blii ' Kin). It is said that the Anasazi were the ancestors of Native American Indians, in this area we have the people, Hopi who called them Hisatsinom, the Navajo, the San Juan Southern Paiute and the Zuni. However, they do not like to be told

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