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I've always seen myself as a leader So,I was disappointed to know that In school when they were choosing the Posse Nomene they did not choose me. The Posse Scholarship is a four year scholarship for students who show leadership and accomplish to good grades. When I heard that I was not nominated by my school, my thoughts immediately turned to myself. Was I not a leader?
I'm not just an activist fighting for what's right, this is how I am an activist, a feminist.All this started when I was In fifth grade and my Mom told me about this walk for ending abusive and verbal violence. She was the one who inspired me to be an activist because her experience with abusive violence made me think if I could stop this from happening to other families.So
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And a leader does not let themselves down just because my school did not choose me as a nominee I did not give up I proceeded and well I got nominated by my summer job Where I worked in the courthouse. I believe this shows how I can persevere and always tried to overcome the obstacle for me. I remember the night I got home and i open my computer to see my email and I see an email from Posse saying that I was nominated I was so happy I could not stop smiling.I remember the email telling me that I was nominated for the Posse scholarship because Emily my organiser for my summer job saw good leadership skills with me and she wanted me to do my best with the posse and to never give up. The posse interview was one of the many things that students can go to and gain inspiration from it they teach you valuable lessons. Seeing the difference faces, different ethnicities made me happy because It was not just one race, but many and all of them were leaders in many different ways.But when I was there my stomach was rumbling but not because I was hungry, but because I was nervous So I did not pass to the second round, but I was not disappointed because i mae not have passed, but the posse interview made me realise many stuff and it actually gave me even more skills to keep trying to make them
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